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Freqently Asked Questions


These are a few answers to common questions that should help you get up and running, and get the most out of ChatCloud. Feel free to contact us with any other questions or comments you might have, and don't be shy.

 1.   What is CR3M messaging? 


Close Radius (within a 50 meter to a 5 Kilometer radius of your location)

Multimedia (Text, photo, audio or video messages)

Mobile Messaging (from your SmartPhone, moving as you do)


Close Radius Multimedia Mobile Messaging is quite a mouthful, so we shortened it to CR3M messaging. It's GPS assisted, so you'll need to enable GPS / location services on your device for it to work. You'll be able to send text, photo audio and video messages to users within your radius and simultaneously send text and photos to your social networks, and receive CR3M messages from other users in your vicinity. You and your friends can SHOUTOUT to each other and use the Radius ZOOM map to navigate to one another's location, or to a nearby meeting spot you choose.

 2.  When I send a RadiusChat message, will everyone in my radius receive it, and will I receive radius messages from the same radius I send to?

When you send a RadiusChat message, anyone using the app within your pre-set radius will receive the message, but you will only receive messages if you are within someone else's preset radius, which may or may not be the same as the radius you set on your device.

 3.  Will my ChatCloud contacts be able to access my personal information like my email address or my phone number?

No, ChatCloud will assign an email address to you with the domain. Only if a social contact is also a phone contact will the phone number show up on the ChatCloud social contacts detail screen. .

 4.  When Shoutout is turned off, will my messages be anonymous?

No. Shoutout only allows you to identify yourself, or not, on other user's radius map screens. If you send a message to another user thru either the RadiusChat screen, a DirectChat message to an individual contact, or to a ChatGroup you will be identified by your ChatCloud username.

 5.  How doe ChatCloud ChatGroups differ from groups on other messaging apps?

We're glad you asked. A public ChatGroup is a lot like an open forum chat room, where anyone can join in the conversation, and comments to the thread are posted in order with a time/date stamp. Any user can create, or search for and join a public ChatGroup.  A private ChatGroup is created by a ChatCloud user who wants to limit the participants and can be joined by invitation only, from the user who creates it. Private ChatGroups are not searchable.

 6.  What kind of content can I send, receive and share with other social networks via ChatCloud?
When you send text or photos on the ChatCloud messaging screen, it can be set to simultaneously post to FACEBOOK and TWITTER. To exclude any network from the post, go to the messaging screen and simply tap on it's icon before hitting REPEAT and the post will only go to the networks you desire. Generally FACEBOOK and TWITTER post immediately.

Once enabled on ChatCloud, each network has it's individual parameters, but if you're following someone on TWITTER  or if you post text and photos yourself directly, the posts will simultaneously and automatically post on your RadiusChat screen via social push. Audio and video clips will not push out to your social networks. Occasionally photos will show up as links rather than as photos, and this can be a problem if the link is truncated, in that it can still be shared, but it might only work on the originating network. This can also be a problem for web links. Most of the time, however, the messages and photos show up perfectly on your main RadiusChat screen, and can be shared, saved, and repeated to your contacts and to any or all of your ChatGroups.   FACEBOOK  feeds will not post in to ChatCloud. 

 7.   When I get a social network post on the RadiusChat screen, can I click thru to that person's social page on other networks, even if they're not a ChatCloud user?

In general, if you are a contact with a person on a given network, and they post a message on that network that is pushed to ChatCloud, you will be able to click thru to their page on that network just as you would if you were on the network. If they are not a contact on a given network, you will not. 

​ 8.  Can I send a text message to my phone contacts, or to my social contacts from the contacts screen?

Absolutely. And, you can send them an invite to join the ChatCloud community well.


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