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The ChatCloud glossary of terms


Excuse me?



5 DIMENSIONAL MULTIMEDIA MOBILE MESSAGING Or, 5D MESSAGING for short. It combines Radius messaging, social messaging, direct messaging, and public and private group messaging. It’s awesome, and only ChatCloud does it, ‘nuff said.  Now try to say it 5 times as quickly as possible!

ADDACHAT  Lets you add a chat cloud bubble with a brief comment to the pictures you share. It can be a simple "Hi!"  or an "I love you", or something more profound, with an emoji. Just keep it short and sweet, 'cause there's a 40 character limit.

CHATGROUP A public or private group of ChatCloud users that you can join or create to communicate instantly with groups of friends, colleagues or other users who share a common interest.  

DIRECTCHAT Chatting directly with individual contacts, easily from the DirectChat screen, or by tapping the username at the top of any Radius Message

MULTISOCIAL COMMUNICATION  Another  new dimension of messaging and a ChatCloud innovation, combining your social networks with radius messaging and local news and event feeds. It’ll rock your world and connect you with family, friends & colleagues better and easier than ever before.


PERSONAL RADIUS CLOUD Moves as you move, and expands or contracts on your command.  It's the area to which you can send a ChatCloud radius message, from as close as 50 meters away to as far as 5 KM from your location.


RECHAT  To share or repeat a ChatCloud message on the main screen or to a ChatGroup you’re a member of. Like re-gifting, only you can do it every time you’re on ChatCloud, including holidays.


SHOUTOUT  A feature of radius messaging that displays your user name on other user's radius screens so they can pick you out of a crowd and find your location, and so you can do the same. Or not. (Also great for avoiding ex's, or keeping a low profile when off)


UNIFICATION APP Yet another description for ChatCloud, combining radius messaging with your social networks, local news and local events on one screen. We're all about unity at ChatCloud.




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