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 Features & Screens


RadiusChat Screen:  Displays the ChatCloud radius messages you post as well as news and social network feeds.  On the upper right is a menu to turn individual network feeds on or off.

Messaging Screen:  At the bottom center of your RadiusChat screen is a pencil icon. It takes you to compose text, photo, audio and video ChatCloud messages, and set which of your social networks they will simultaneously post to. Clicking on the blue post in the center of the world map will take you to the Radius Zoom Map where you see a real-time overhead view of your location, and set a radius for sending your RadiusChat messages. When other users have their SHOUTOUT features on, you'll see their user names displayed.

DirectChat Screen:  Keeps track of all direct messages to and from your contacts. Just tap on the menu in the upper right to show all of your ChatCloud contacts and tap on any contact to send them a direct message, and to view dialogue including text, audio, video or photos. 


ChatGroup Screen:  Where you can create your own groups of friends, family, and colleagues who share a common interest. These can be either public and searchable to everyone, or private and limited to whoever you invite to join.  You can share text, photos, audio or video or repeat multi-media messages from the main RadiusChat screen, and local events from the events feed.


Contacts Screen:   Includes your ChatCloud, phone AND social contacts, arranged in alphabetical order with a tab to navigate them. Also lets you search for other ChatCloud users by distance.


Events Screen:  Takes you to a sharable local events feed so you'll always know what's going on nearby,  wherever you are. And, you can easily click thru to the event's website and get more info, purchase tickets and register to attend.

Settings Screen:  Where you enable your social networks, change your profile, set your message expiration time and default proximity, and control SHOUTOUT so you can be seen (or not) by other users on their radius screens. Also, you can read our privacy policy and terms of use if you're into that sort of thing.









Some  of our favorite extra features that are built into ChatCloud


Voice to text:  Look for the litttle microphone icon just to the left of the spacebar on your keyboard. Tap and speak, and save yourself writer's cramp. Talk a little slower than normal and you'll be amazed how well it works.


Emojis: Yeah, we have to admit that we dig those little icons that express our emotions without having to type in words.  Use the same button with the microphone icon except hold your finger down on it until a menu appears with several options including emojis. We had to ask a geek to help us do it the first time, but after that, it's a snap.

User Profiles:  Tap on the user name of anyone who sends you a ChatCloud message, and click thru to their user profile. Click view location and see their longitude/latitude info, and a street view of their location. Click the menu in the upper left to see info about their location including local businesses and places of interest nearby, traffic info, public transit info, satelite views, and much more. And, you can click the round blue button in the bottom right for directions from your location to theirs.  It's free, and it works pretty much anywhere in the free world. Coincidence? We think not.



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